Become a She-chanic

25 Apr

Become a She-chanic

Everyone experiences some anxiety visiting their auto mechanic, however if you are a woman you experience anxiety EVERY TIME you walk into an auto shop! According to an article written in Forbes Magazine, women in Canada who are receiving their drivers license is sitting at 49.95%. (2014). If we look at this stat this means that almost half of all Canadian residents who are permitted to legally drive are female. Not only are women getting their licenses, they are also clocking more mileage which means….more trips to the shop. Although women seem to be the one visiting auto mechanic shops more often, 50-70% of women were dissatisfied by their cars and three in four females felt misunderstood by auto companies (2014).

After talking to some female customers about their experiences in auto shops, here’s what they said;

“They think I don’t know anything about cars”- although we are not trading in our day jobs to become mechanics we know enough to know when something is wrong with our car and some of us even know what it might be, don’t assume!

“I actually don’t know anything about my car”- if we don’t know anything about our cars don’t make us feel silly for asking questions, take a few minutes and explain so it’s not so stressful.

“Sometimes I’m just talked down to”- almost every woman has felt like this at some point when setting foot into a mechanic shop, now, by no means is every mechanic this way, however when you have that experience it makes you uncomfortable to go back.

Women are taught at a very young age that cars are for boys-you’re not going to understand what is under the hood so don’t try- let a man handle it. St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair wants to help fix the stereotype of cars are for boys! We understand that if there are more female drivers there will be more female customers, and how do we make these female customers feel comfortable at our shop? Easy…we invite them to our become a she-chanic event on May 6th, were we will be covering topics such as: checking your fluids, checking tire pressure, the importance of tire rotation, how to examine your tires and what is checked when your car is serviced. St Amand Auto & Truck Repair is looking forward to sharing our knowledge with our female customers and helping to develop more confidence and understanding when visiting any automotive shop.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on May 6th! Please check out our facebook page for more information about the She-chanic event!

From our family to yours,
St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair Inc.

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