Fuel System Service

The fuel system on your car or truck is very important to how your car runs. Keeping a clean fuel system keeps your car running at its maximum performance and prevents you from having any breakdowns.

At St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair our licensed technicians are able to diagnose any of your problems you have with your car and also recommend services to you so that you can stay on top of your maintenance to avoid any problems that can occur.

Here is how your fuel system works:

Your car’s fuel is stored in the fuel tank and the fuel pump draws fuel from the tank. It then travels through the fuel lines and is delivered it through a fuel filter to the fuel injectors.

Depending on whether your vehicles fuel system is a return type or returnless type system, the fuel pressure is regulated differently. A return type system has a fuel pressure regulator that varies the fuel pressure based on the amount of vacuum from the intake system. This is so the amount of fuel pressure and flow of fuel as it reaches the injectors. Where a returnless type system uses the powertrain control module (PCM) to regulate fuel delivery. There is a fuel pressure sensor mounted to the supply rail of the fuel injectors to allow the PCM to monitor fuel pressure. When the fuel pressure and flow starts to drop due to increase of engine speed or load the PCM compensates by increasing injector duration and/or operating speed of the fuel pump.

The basic symptoms of a vehicle’s fuel system is showing signs of wear or deterioration are:

  • Difficult Engine Starting
  • Slow or Hesitation at Acceleration
  • Stalling While Driving
  • Intermittent Power Loss
  • Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light Illuminated
  • Engine Idling Rough
  • Excessive Engine Smoke
  • Noticeable Fuel Odors
  • Decreased Fuel Economy

If you notice any of these types of symptoms, bring your vehicle into us and have one of our qualified technicians have a look at your vehicle so we can keep your car up and running.

In order to keep your fuel system clean, the main component is to keep fresh fuel in your vehicle. Contamination and debris are the number one cause of fuel system failures. If your vehicle has a fuel filter it is recommended that you change the filter on a yearly basis or approximately every 25,000 kms. You can also put some additives in your tank that will run through your fuel system and keep everything clean and running at its best.


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