Car Batteries

Car batteries are often the most neglected part of our vehicles and their failure is difficult to predict. They are often forgot about until after there starts to be issues with them or the car won’t start. Regular car maintenance and cleaning will help keep your battery and vehicle running smoothly, prolong the life of your battery and could save you money or the inconvenience of breakdown.

Even if your battery is not on its way out, at St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair in St. Catharines we can tell you if it is properly charged and in good working order. We are able to perform a simple and quick test on your battery and vehicle charging system.

The battery in your car is rechargeable and supplies electric energy to power the starter motor, the lights, entertainment system and the ignition system of the vehicle’s engine. The battery stores energy to be release to start your vehicles engine. Once the engine is started, your car’s battery is recharged by the alternator. Corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting, by adding electrical resistance so it is important to clean the terminals periodically.

There are many different parts to any car battery and any of these may malfunction causing the battery to stop working at its optimum capacity or shut down completely.

Common battery faults include:

  • Shorted cell due to failure of the separator between the positive and negative plates
  • Shorted cell or cells due to build up of shed plate material below the plates of the cell
  • Broken internal connections due to corrosion
  • Broken plates due to vibration and corrosion
  • Low electrolyte
  • Cracked or broken case
  • Broken terminals


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