Exhaust and Mufflers

The exhaust system on your car is not only made for reducing the noise coming from your vehicle, but the exhaust system is also designed to reduce harmful emissions from entering into the atmosphere. This makes the exhaust important for not only you and your vehicle but also helps keeps the atmosphere cleaner.

The exhaust system starts from the manifold and goes all the way to the back of the car to the muffler. The exhaust fumes run through the catalytic converter and then go through the muffler which reduces the noise that comes from the exhaust system. Any restrictions that are in the exhaust system will reduce the gas mileage on your car.

If you are looking to have exhaust work done or you need to replace your muffler contact St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair. We have been using quality parts in St. Catharines since 1980 and offer great warranties that are available for you on all your exhaust and muffler parts.

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