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St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair in St. Catharines is fully equipped to handle all of your emissions needs. We are your licensed emissions testing and repair facility. We are able to test any vehicle that you have. Whether it is gas or diesel, light-duty or heavy-duty St. Amand Auto & Truck Repair in St. Catharines can provide excellent service to you. Here is some more information to know about the Drive Clean Program:

The Drive Clean program helps you make smart choices about the way you maintain and drive your vehicles. “Driving clean” through proper vehicle maintenance can:

  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Prolong your vehicle’s life
  • Help protect the air we breathe

Improvements in the technology of vehicle-emissions continue to reduce harmful emissions from new vehicles. However, these vehicles can become heavy polluters too, unless they are properly maintained. Many older vehicles that do not have the newest technologies will be on our roads for years to come.

Different programs for different vehicles

Drive Clean has an emissions program for light-duty vehicles and one for heavy-duty vehicles:

Heavy-duty vehicles – Diesel and non-diesel

  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating [GVWR] over 4,500 kg
  • Large trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes

Owners’ responsibilities

Under Drive Clean, your vehicle must have an emissions test to renew your registration and licence plates. If your vehicle needs a test, you will be notified by the Ministry of Transportation in the registration renewal documents.

An emissions test is also required when buying or selling used vehicles with a model year older than the current calendar year. This helps ensure that consumers do not purchase a used vehicle with emissions problems.

Vehicle Doesn’t Meet Emissions Standards

The Inspector can explain the emissions results on the Drive Clean Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), but cannot explain the reason(s) for failure. Do not leave the Drive Clean Facility (DCF) without your VIR and the “Your Vehicle Didn’t Pass the Drive Clean Test” pamphlet. Before you go for a Drive Clean re-test, it is recommended that you get a diagnostic, repair estimate and any necessary emissions related repairs done at a DCF specially accredited to perform Drive Clean repairs. Otherwise you cannot qualify for the $450 repair cost limit.

Fully Repairing Your Vehicle

Your Drive Clean test results show that your vehicle’s emissions exceed the standards it was designed to meet. Vehicles are Ontario’s single largest source of smog-causing emissions. It is very important that your

vehicle is fully repaired to meet its Drive Clean standards. This will not only reduce pollution it will often improve your fuel economy as well.

Getting an Emissions Diagnostic

A diagnostic is an examination of your vehicle to determine reasons why it did not meet the emissions standards. The diagnostic is not included in the Drive Clean test and involves an additional fee.

Qualifying for $450 Repair Cost Limit (RCL)

If you need more time to make full repairs, the RCL is the maximum amount you need to spend at a DCF on emissions-related repairs before obtaining a Conditional Pass at the retest. To qualify for the $450 RCL, you must make all emissions related repairs that cost up to but not exceeding $450 before taxes. The

cost of the diagnostic is counted toward the RCL. In order to protect consumers, the RCL DOES NOT apply to vehicle resales/ownership transfers. The RCL also does not apply to:

  • Repairs needed to pass the pre-test check;
  • Emissions-related repairs completed more than 60 days prior to current test;
  • Repairs under warranty.

Going for an Emissions Re-test

To qualify for the $17.50 emissions re-test (plus GST) the owner must return to the same DCF location that performed the initial test, within 120 days. The emissions re-test will cost you $35 plus tax in any of the following circumstances:

  • After more than 120 days;
  • After two re-tests at $17.50;
  • At a facility other than where you had the original test; or
  • If you do not bring your receipts for emissions related repairs.

After a Pass

When your vehicle passes the emissions re-test you will receive a Pass Report. Take the Pass Report to a vehicle licence office to transfer ownership or renew the plate sticker.

After a Conditional Pass

Should your vehicle fail the emissions re-test and you qualify for the RCL, a Conditional Pass Report will be issued. The Conditional Pass Report is only valid to renew the plate sticker under current ownership. Regardless of whether you have a valid Pass or Conditional Pass, your vehicle is still subject to on-road enforcement if emissions control equipment has been removed or the vehicle has visible emissions (smoke).


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